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Vidal Soto of Holland Ranch

Our 84th @realfarmercare recipient is Vidal Soto of Holland Ranch @holland_ranch in Palmdale, CA. Vidal writes, “My name is Vidal Soto and I’m the farmer of Holland Ranch. I actually started farming at 18 years old but was first an employee at the farm. I worked for the Holland’s for 4 years before they passed on the torch to me. Over the years of working for them, I realized the importance of food. Especially when there is a personal relationship with the farmer. It becomes more than just food. I farm because I can help provide the families in my local area with good organically grown food and I put all my efforts and heart into it. I farm because of the ‘thank you’ I get at the end of the day - it puts the warmest feeling in my heart and makes it all worth it. I’ve gained many friends in my life through farming. Being 25 years old, I never thought I would have this big of a responsibility. I’ve been for farming for 7 years now and I do not plan on stopping!


Covid-19 has prevented my farmers market from opening. I do not attend a state certified market - it’s a private market at a nearby winery. Thankfully my CSA has already started and we are in the mist of week 4 out of 25. I’m concerned about how my cash flow will happen, but I’m learning an online market style of purchasing for my customers. I also made some t-shirts for the farm to pre-order on my website - check them out!”



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