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Sara Patterson of Red Acre Farm

Our 53rd @realfarmercare recipient - Sara Patterson @saragpatterson of Red Acre Farm @redacrefarm in Cedar City, Utah.

Sara writes, “Eleven years ago I started my farm as a very young, ambitious, driven naïve teenager. My parents and my community were not just cheering me on, but genuinely interested and investing time and money into the farm and community that I was building. If it wasn’t for their support, I would not have kept growing. I started with the one-acre we lived on and then purchased my own 2nd acre. As a rural community in Utah on only 2-acres with a harsh climate and a 60-90 day growing season, it does not seem like the ideal location to farm. But for those who want to buy into something better and eat food that nourishes body and soul and feeds them more than just food to eat, we are here. My belief that everyone has the right to grow and eat what they want keeps me going on the hard days. The people are my why: I stay because of the farmers with hundreds of acres that have helped me, to the single-family households that pick up weekly shares from our full-farm CSA. I couldn’t run the farm nor do all that I do without my best friend and more than full-time business partner, my mom. But the much needed break we used to take is no longer as we have chosen to advocate for small farmers during our 45-day legislative session. Self-care now seems even more needed when away from the farm, and my self-care activity is receiving a massage from a farmer who also gives massages.” .


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