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Samantha Rae Leingang of Fulla Farm

The 147th Real Farmer Care recipient is Samantha Rae Leingang @samanthaleingang of Fulla Farm on Whidbey Island, WA.

Samantha writes, “I started farming shortly after I graduated college. I graduated with a Food and Nutrition degree, so food has always been my passion. I started in kitchens at first, working at hospitality farms. But looking out in the field as I prepared the meals had me yearning to know how to grow the food myself. I started my farm journey in 2018 working as an intern on what I now call a "boot camp" farm experience. It was exhausting, mentally and physically, but I absolutely loved every second of farming. I love being a student to life and farming has been my greatest teacher. Farming has also humbled me in so many ways. It's given me the gifts of patience, resilience, strength and so much more. I grow myself as a human every year while farming. I absolutely love growing for my community and talking about different recipes and ways they can use their veggies. Food is the center (in my opinion) of the community. We use all of our senses when eating food, so the importance of eating delicious, locally grown food is huge and I am honored every day that I get to go out in the field and get my hands dirty.

Self care for me is treating myself to an amazing dinner with friends. I grow a lot for local chefs so being able to see how the food I grew from seed and prepared eloquently on a plate fills my heart with so much joy.”


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