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Rose Madden & Gavin Powell of Pink Barn Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Rose Madden & Gavin Powell of Pink Barn Farm @pinkbarnfarm in Sebastopol, CA.

Rose writes, “Our farm is small but mighty! We grow speciality crops year-round for our local community and buyers throughout the California Bay Area. I love farming because it is both an art and a science, and a lifelong partnership with mother nature. There will never be a dull day - there is always something new to learn and new ideas or ways to improve our relationships and systems. We've been so grateful for the support from our community of CSA members, chefs, and regional distributor @feedsonoma. We look forward to expanding our acreage over time and growing our business so that it can financially sustain our family and feed more people. Thank you @realfarmercare and @farmerclara for this generous gift - all farmers need a little self-care more than we'd probably like to admit! I look forward to taking my hubby out for date night at our favorite restaurant in town (it's @ramengaijin)! We fell in love with each other and farming while working together on an organic farm in Santa Clara County. Our shared passion for tending the land, growing our own food, and working hard has guided us on this journey.” T-shirt @publicmarketgoods#realfarmercare#pinkbarnfarm#womenwhofarm


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