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Lily McGarey farmworker at Good Rain Farm

The 237th recipient is Lily McGarey @archegoniaa farmworker at Good Rain Farm @goodrainfarm in Gresham, Oregon.

Lily writes, “I was drawn to farming as a way of accessing tangible aspects of life. Being able to plant a seed and know that something will come from it helps me to feel that I can have an impact and value in our world, where often we are made to feel that is not true. I have pursued farming as a means to take care of my community and to connect with the earth that bears it all. Working with the land feels like an alchemy; feeling the tangible, knowable aspects of growing and always being surprised by the magical and unknowable aspects of all that life brings. Working with the land also feels hard, sweaty, discouraging, heartbreaking, and exhausting. The balance of these two parts is always a challenge; it's hard to feel the alchemy when you feel like your labors are fruitless.

For me, connecting with community and being able to be held by community (especially those that know the challenge of this work) is an essential piece to remembering the magic and the gift of working with the land. Connecting with my community, even if it is just commiserating about the weather, helps me to step back to see what we are doing and the true value of it.”


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