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Tom Deacon of Fable: From Farm to Table

The 238th recipient is Tom Deacon of Fable: From Farm to Table @fablefoods in Ossining, NY. Tom writes, “Having run a farm for eight years now, I can truly say it is one of the toughest but most rewarding professions. To me, farming is about providing healthy and delicious food to your community while also bringing people together through food at the same time. Whether hosting school field trips, seasonal festivals, or greenhouse dinners, I enjoy seeing the community gather around food.

I am very fortunate to be growing in Westchester County, New York, a place that is very supportive of sustainable organic farming. We receive donations and volunteers often, and are always being asked by our guests if they can help in any way. I personally view farming as a public service and wish farms did not need to rely on donations and volunteers, and I will continue to do my part in helping change the food industry for the better so farmers are not struggling to make ends meet.

I couldn't be more grateful to be farming in Westchester, a community that is so supportive of our mission. A huge ‘thank you’ also goes out to my hardworking team for all the success the farm has achieved. Working alongside others, especially experienced colleagues, has helped alleviate my workload and stress allowing me to spend more time with my family. At the end of the day that's what matters most to me: being around family, friends, and some really great food.”


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