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Rosalind Robinson and her children Kayla 18, Aliese 13, Lemuel 11, & Leah 10 of Scrappy Grit Farm

Our 33rd @realfarmercare recipient - Rosalind Robinson @bronxfarmgirl and her children Kayla 18, Aliese 13, Lemuel 11, & Leah 10 of Scrappy Grit Farm in McLeansville, NC.

Rosalind writes, “We moved from a cozy cul-de-sac neighborhood to our 11 acre fixer upper homestead a little over 2 years ago with the hope of teaching our children the importance of producing their own food, homesteading skills, and using their gifts to glorify God. We primarily raise heritage breed egg layers, Cornish Cross hens as meat birds, and seasonally we raise heritage breed turkeys. We have experienced the joys of life on the farm and the sorrows of unexpected death; the delight of a beautiful bountiful harvest and the disappointment of destructive weather that wreaked havoc on our crops and our barn - all invaluable life lessons. The children are key players in providing what the chickens need: feed, water, fresh pine shavings, and closing up their coop doors just before sundown. We have been certified by the state to sell our hens and turkeys, and poultry processing is indeed a family affair. Since we live about 5 minutes from a food desert and a failed cooperative market, it is our desire to take our humble homestead and transform it into a market garden to be able to help meet the need in the community, and we are slowly getting there. My husband works 3 jobs in emergency services and wants to be able to sustain our family with the farm operation, but right now we are doing what we can with our limited time and resources. We are truly thankful and humbled that we, and especially our children, can play a small role in agriculture. My kiddos' ideas of self care:

Kayla - makeup & hair stuff; Aliese - inline skates; Lemuel - drone from Tractor Supply; and Leah - toy farm animals from Tractor Supply.” #realfarmercare#bronxfarmgirl


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