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Rasheed Mlambo of Medicine Bowl Farm

The 197th recipient is Rasheed Mlambo @brotherasheed of Medicine Bowl Farm @medicine_bowl in North Carolina.

Rasheed writes, “Farming to me means a constant growth and cultivation of the relationship we have between our spiritual ,physical,and emotional forms. Plants and animals are our biggest teachers and provide room to learn and teach as well as receive and give.

For a long time my biggest friends and guides have been earthworms, lady bugs and bees. As a butterfly myself I draw inspiration from these small spiritual creatures that keep balance in our world.

I am very honored to be a steward and especially glad you have a program to help farmers with self care,something that we hardly pay attention to because we have alot to do on the land.

Thank you dearly for the support with the self care and helping change the narrative of what it means to be a farmer. Cycling is part of my self care.”


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