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Petra Page-Mann of Fruition Seeds & Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Petra Page-Mann of Fruition Seeds & Farm @fruition_seeds in Naples, NY.

Petra writes, “As a girl in my father’s garden in the Finger Lakes of New York, I thought our seasons were too short to grow watermelon, peanuts and abundant red peppers. Savoring ‘Cream of Saskatchewan’ melon in Maine taught me regional adaptation is both essential and possible. I co-founded Fruition Seeds in 2012 with Matthew Goldfarb to grow and share organic seeds that thrive in our short seasons, adapting beloved heirlooms as well as developing new varieties, like our August Ambrosia watermelon and Dulcinea carrot. If you’re in the Finger Lakes at the end of August, don’t be shy! Each season we grow hundreds of organic melons just for the seed inside, so we throw a party to celebrate and share the harvest! Seeds are in the world to transform the world, beginning with themselves. So are each of us.” #realfarmercare#fruitionseeds


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