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Mary Creveling & Nicole Gilmore of Silver Seeds Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Mary Creveling & Nicole Gilmore of Silver Seeds Farm @silver_seeds_farm in Carnation, Washington.

They write, “Silver Seeds Farm is the embodiment of our ideologies expressed through a dance with nature. The standards we hold for ourselves as members of a community living in a diverse and ever-changing society, we adhere equally the principals of preservation and cooperation to our ecological brethren. As first generation farmers, establishing a business from an age old practice in a world looking to technology to project ourselves from the consequential rubble— we believe it is a sacrament and a responsibility to remain in connection with the land. The gifts we continue to receive despite the effects of the mistreatment we are witnessing all over the globe is a blessing that must be solidified and something we feel is worth fighting for. When we step foot into our fields, we don’t think of it as ownership or an instrument to be manipulated— we breath as the earth breaths and we see the land as an extension of ourselves. We are only as successful as the health of our soil and it is in the choices we make that strives us to be better for ourselves and our future generations." #realfarmercare#silverseedsfarm#welovefarmers


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