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Jay Hill of Earth Keepers Unity Farm

The 182nd recipient is Jay Hill of Earth Keepers Unity Farm @earthkeepersunityfarm in Greensboro, NC.

Jay writes, “Being a steward of the land has been a spiritual experience for me. It's feel like I'm arriving home everytime I rest my hands in soil. The land has revealed to me the beauty of life when it seems to be crumbling around me. The land has helped me connect more with myself and my family lineage. I was born into a lineage of farmers and homesteaders and this is where I've seen the testament of community. People coming together to strengthen as better people, as one. I've adapted this idea that farming is meant to be a communal practice of tending to the land, it isn't beneficial when done alone. In this way you can rely on one another when life gets hard. Farming is hard work. But it's achievable when you have community.”


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