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Farmer Cee of Green Heffa Farms

Our 111th Real Farmer Care recipient is Farmer Cee of Green Heffa Farms @greenheffafarm in Liberty, NC.

Farmer Cee writes, “There are not many Black women farmers. There are even fewer landowning Black women farmers in the south. And the fact that I grow medicinal plants including hemp really makes me a unicorn in the agricultural space. Farming for me is personally rewarding but it’s also revolutionary - the system design had me pegged for labor not leadership.

I grow medicinal plants which are then used in my botanical tea blends. They are unique because we actually use premium quality flower that we marry with other synergetic herbs to help improve and support well-being. It’s also our goal to be a teaching farm with an especial focus on BIPOC women wanting to get into the medicinal plant industry.

Agriculture has a long way to go before it is close to being equitable. Farming as a Black woman is not just remarkable; it is revolutionary.

People ask what care and support I need and I always say give me what you give the white man since he gets top pickings. Give me that same access to resources and knowledge. I work for a big environmental nonprofit - believe me when I say that many of the actors in this space don’t give a damn about Black people.

They expect our green but don’t respect our Black. Green Heffa Farms will do our part in changing that narrative. By developing relationships with natural health and beauty brands, I want to help diversify the supply chain. By bringing in more BIPOC women into the farming equation, we can help level the planting field.”


Follow Farmer Cee @greenheffafarm and support her work via Venmo @ greenheffa .



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