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Erik Schlener of Root and Marrow Farm

Our 41st @realfarmercare recipient - Erik Schlener of Root and Marrow Farm @rootandmarrowfarm in Lovettsville, VA.

He writes, “I started my farm in 2018 after years of traveling to different farms to learn how to produce healthy food. Starting with less than $1000, I have been putting everything back into the farm to grow it to a sustainable size in order to make a livable income for myself and my employees. I’m now going into my 3rd growing season and just found out that my brother @apschlener, and good friend @racheljoyraggio, who’ve helped me start it have decided to stay on full time. This farm means more to me than just fulfilling a lifelong dream. It has brought together a team that are a huge help and an amazing encouragement to me. Now together, we get to share our produce with a community of great supporters through our farmers markets, CSA, and the talented chefs who we sell to. I am planning to use the self-care donation to help me purchase 10 trees. I know it might not sound like self-care, but it really is for me. There are few things that make me as happy as being able to invest in the land for the future.” #realfarmercare#rootandmarrowfarm


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