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Emma Shorr of Rising Sign Farm

The 190th recipient is Emma Shorr of Rising Sign Farm @risingsignfarm in Carnation, WA.

Emma writes, “I started farming out of a true sense of hope that growing food was the path towards food sovereignty and justice, and building the world I want to live in. For me, farming has always been rooted in care; whether that's through stewarding the land, feeding my community, or finding joy in the work I get to do. While hope and care continue to be central to why and how I farm, the reality of farming in multiple intersecting crises makes this work increasingly challenging.

I don't think anything I do would be possible without the support of an incredible community of farmers and chosen family. Sharing the highs and lows in community is essential. I strive to care for myself by having boundaries with the farm, going to therapy, laughing, crying, and having a joyful life off the farm.”


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