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David Bohlen of Bohlen Family Farms

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - David Bohlen of Bohlen Family Farms @bohlenfarms in Florrisant, MO.

David writes, “My name is David Bohlen of Bohlen Family Farms started in 2013. We raise produce for restaurants, farmers markets, and a small CSA. We work closely with plant breeders, seed companies, and collectors in efforts to find the most delicious varieties we can grow in our region. I grew up accustomed to eating amazing home cooked meals every day, thanks to my wonderful mother. As a young adult living on my own, I initially started growing food to feed my obsession for cooking and most importantly eating, and feeding my loved ones. I have been blessed with so much opportunity for growth over the years and I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me and my family through this journey.” Show your love and support for farmer self-care at link in bio #realfarmercare#bohlenfarms


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