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Danny Morales of Rigor Hill Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Danny Morales @dannymoralz of Rigor Hill Farm in Ghent, NY.

Danny writes, “Rigor Hill Farm is an exciting new farm-to-restaurant project in the Hudson Valley. I came on board this past summer and have been collaborating with many people from all over to bring it to life. This spring, the farm will supply its first harvest to a partner restaurant in NYC. My goals are to have fun growing amazing food (veggies, fruits, mushrooms, honey, herbs, flowers), continue learning how to improve the soil, and inspire passion for food and growing in others. Farming has been an incredibly rewarding path and I’m happy to bring friends, family, and strangers, often disconnected from fresh & local food, into the farming world. Thank you so much to @farmerclara and donors for giving farmers a chance to step back and enjoy some self-care!” #realfarmercare


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