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Carrie Dame Chlebanowski and her family of The Looney Farm

Our 32nd @realfarmercare recipient - Carrie Dame Chlebanowski and her family of The Looney Farm @the_looney_farm in Alex, OK.

Carrie writes, “My family and I moved to our farm property in Feb 2015 looking for a way to get more closely involved with our own food source. What started as a homestead, grew into a business and The Looney Farm is now the only Certified Naturally Grown produce farm in Central Oklahoma. Our farm is founded in our faith, in having fun as a family, and in serving our community well. In recent weeks, the reality of how important local, nutrient dense food is to our bodies has come to the forefront of our minds as we have a serious health struggle ahead for one of our teenagers. This generous @realfarmercare gift will allow us to go have an evening off the farm as a family as we gear up for a busy few months ahead. Thank you to all who support this endeavor. It's a privilege to be part of this farming community that seeks to feed the world better food. I find so much joy in what I do, but it's not without it's share of struggles. Being able to step back and focus on the WHY we do this is a great way for me to refocus and recharge. Thank you for the gift of an opportunity to do this well.” #realfarmercare#thelooneyfarm#womenwhofarm


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