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Beth Schiller of Dandelion Spring Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Beth Schiller of Dandelion Spring Farm @dandelionspringfarm in Bowdoinham, ME.

She writes, “Dandelion Spring Farm is home to seven acres of MOFGA Certified Organic vegetables and herbs. After nearly twenty years of owning my business, I’ve circled back to my initial inspiration of truly believing farming is the best lens we have to talk about building communities and engaging our environmental crisis. By engaging all of our senses with nutritious food, not only do we set the table for the conversation, but also create a common language for healthier conversations. I live in these ideals, but my feet are still running on the ground every day as I manage the details of my farm. As a farmer, having happy feet is a piece of often neglected self-care. We mind the invisible of the soil, but what about ourselves? It’s not as romantic as a massage or chocolate mouse, but I’m grateful for the gift of new inner soles to keep myself happily running around. Another outdoor field season, here I come!” Photo credit @bluehorsephoto#realfarmercare#dandelionspringfarm


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