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Arianna & Colin Smorawski of Roaring Lion Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Arianna & Colin Smorawski of Roaring Lion Farm @roaringlionfarm in Sedgwick, ME.

They write, “We raise beef cattle, Meishan pigs, poultry and grow produce organically. We moved our farm to the Blue Hill peninsula in Maine a little over a year ago after living and farming for several years in western Maine. Since the conception of our farm, the name has now taken on new meaning as we have faced many hardships over the past few years, including our son being born with a rare terminal brain condition. After his birth we made a very conscious decision to move forward and grow our farming business, as we now see our strong toddler as our roaring lion. With our move, we have opened an on-farm eatery/market where we sell our products as well as serve food that is made with ingredients from our farm and other local growers/producers that live in this wonderful new community of ours.”


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