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Alexys Romo of Black Thumb Farm

The 205th recipient is Alexys Romo of Black Thumb Farm in Los Angeles, CA.

Alexys writes, “I did not grow up farming, gardening, or exploring nature much. The San Fernando Valley, where I have called home for 30 years now, is a heavily developed area, and if you are a part of certain communities, access to natural beauty is extremely limited. I founded Black Thumb Farm, a nonprofit serving and empowering youth in the SFV through farming and gardening, to provide young people with access to safe green spaces. Our mission is to empower young people with the skills and tools to take back their health. That includes their mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well. As a mother of 3 young children, to me, this mission is as massive as it sounds.

I work alongside an incredible team of dedicated, passionate, BIPOC humans that keep this farm growing, this garden flourishing, and our young people full (tummies and all). This work is not easy on the body, the mind or the heart but it is what makes me feel alive. I appreciate all of those who have made and continue to make this work possible.”


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