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Olivia Watkins of Oliver’s Agroforest

Our 39th @realfarmercare recipient -

@olivers.agroforest in Wake County, NC.

She writes, “Oliver’s Agroforest is a small-scale agroforestry farm that currently produces shiitake mushrooms and manages 40 acres of hardwoods for the wildlife in the Holly Springs, NC area. After many years of working on other people’s farms for 6 years, it feels great to be able to have my own farm that I have the creative direction to decide how food is grown and how the land is managed. The physical demands of farming have caused injury to my shoulder so I will use this @realfarmercare donation for physical therapy. I feel blessed to have this immense responsibility to be able to provide nourishment for myself, my loved ones, and my community.” #realfarmercare#oliviawatkins#oliversagroforest


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