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Leah, Orlando, and baby Cooper Munsey of The Lo Farm

The 234th recipients are Leah, Orlando, and baby Cooper Munsey of The Lo Farm @the_lo_farm in Catskill, New York.

Leah writes, “We have been farming for many years and we were finally able to start our own farm operation in the beginning of 2020. After a successful first year despite the craziness of the pandemic, we moved to our own farm property in Catskill, NY where we now live with our son Cooper. We've had to rebuild our farm from scratch on the new property and it has felt like a constant uphill battle to complete projects and face the growing challenges of farming amid climate change and a tumultuous economy. But somehow we are able to make it happen, growing diversified veggies for our local community.

For us, support comes in so many forms: family members who cook for us and help whenever we need it, friends who bring us a six-pack & pizza at the end of a long and grueling day on the farm, customers who come back season after season to purchase our produce. Farmers are terrible at self-care, as the urgency and demands of the farm are almost always prioritized over anything else. But in the end, the farm wouldn't happen without us. We're trying to learn how to untangle our own health and mental well-being from the chaos of farm life so that we can face its challenges with clear heads and hearts, and also set a healthy example of work ethic and dedication for our baby son.”


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