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Kendra, Tatiana, Justin, and Andrew of the Abscondia Project

Our 115th Real Farmer Care recipients are Kendra, Tatiana, Justin, and Andrew of the Abscondia Project @abscondia_project.

Kendra writes, “The Abscondia Project is currently fundraising to help purchase land in fulfillment of a vision of BIPOC community, food sovereignty, ethical foodways, and liberation. We will grow and sell life-giving food on a sliding scale for our communities, and draw on our collective skills to make and educate others on how racism impacts food access and quality and length of life. Capital, funds, and ongoing challenges to BIPOC land/property ownership are our main challenges and we hope you will support our dreams by donating and spreading the word.

Kendra was drawn to farming after questioning food systems, witnessing health disparities, and longing for a connection to the land and the life-giving food it yields.

Tatiana is indebted in every way to her mother, who cries when plants die, and her students who have inspired a vision of a world with transparent foodways, communal living, and care in abundance.

Farming is in Justin’s ancestry, and he is drawn to this work as both an avenue of land preservation, but also upholding values of a sustainable lifestyle.

Andrew’s deep love for nature, animals, and the world have sparked his passion for community-sufficiency and a more equitable and socially just relationship with the land and with each other.”

Please follow @abscondia_project and support this amazing project!

GoFundMe @abscondia_project (link in their bio)


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