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Jenna Rich & Tyler Rich of Partners Gardens

Our 74th @realfarmercare recipient - Jenna Rich @jennaarich & Tyler Rich @rich.woods of Partners Gardens @partnersgardens in Nelson, N.H.

Jenna writes, “Three years ago Tyler and I left our busy, cozy lives in Chicago to move to a farm in North Carolina and work as interns. After this transformative experience and realizing that we wanted to have land of our own and know where our food came from, we knew we couldn’t go back to the big city. We moved to a small town in New Hampshire and started a small-scale farm of our own. We both continue to work off-farm jobs which is exhausting and sometimes seems downright unfair but we don’t want to go into debt while building our business. These past two years we have been greeted with open arms into a wonderful community of farmers’ market customers, CSA members and chefs anxious to provide highly demanded local food. We are so passionate about what we are doing and hope to one day be full-time farmers. It’s so awesome to nourish a piece of land, our bodies and relationships by growing food.


While we do rely on up-front, early season funding to jumpstart our season, we realize finances may be tight right now so we’d like to offer payment plans for our market shares as well as any CSA members who need it. We don’t want anyone to go without, especially those who already suffered from food insecurities before lost wages due to the pandemic. When we have produce available, we will reach out to our local community kitchen and other food banks who may be accepting donations. Beginning in May, we will have an on-site farm stand that folks can shop from without much human interaction. We will offer garden seedlings for customers who want to grow their own food sold both on-site and at the Peterborough Farmers’ Market where we will be selling every Wednesday beginning April 29th.”



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