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Jamiah E. Hargins of Crop Swap LA

Our 136th Real Farmer Care recipient is Jamiah E. Hargins @blacksuperdad of Crop Swap LA @lacropswap in California.

Jamiah writes, “I am a chronic social entrepreneur, community leader, and self-proclaimed gardening engineer. I am the founder of Crop Swap LA, which is determined to grow food on unused spaces, creating green jobs, independent economies, and nutrient-dense food. I recently opened the world’s first water-recycling front yard garden, which uses just 8% of the water previously used for grass to grow over 600 plants for 35 families, recycling hundreds of gallons of water. My innovative business and design models gained the attention of LA City officials looking for sustainability solutions around water, food, and economic sustainability, and I was named a Good Food Champion in 2019. I also invented ToiletTrees, a patented device that hooks onto your toilet and uses the clean water to grow fragrant and odor-eating plants. I’m also a member at BREAUX Capital, a financial technology company focused on Black millennial men who launch and invest in each other's businesses. I began my career as a stock and equity options trader, a corporate headhunter, and a non-profit program leader. I am also a father of a 3-year old little girl, a husband to a school administrator, and a practicing Taoist.”


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