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Emma Biggs @emmabiggs_grows

Our 66th @realfarmercare recipient - Emma Biggs @emmabiggs_grows in Toronto, Ontario.

Emma writes, “I’m 14 years old and I farm in an urban Toronto neighborhood in my front yard, in containers on my garage roof, in straw bales on my driveway, in my back yard, in wicking beds, in containers, and in my neighbor’s raised beds. I've been gardening all of my life, and my passion for it only keeps growing. I mostly grow food for my family to eat, but I also sell some produce to neighbors, and I have started selling tomato seeds. Another big part of what I do is encouraging more people to grow their own food. I've written a book, I give talks, and I co-host a radio show with my Dad about how to grow your own food and make it fun and easy. I love to grow unusual things that you can't often find fresh at the grocery store, and I'm also tomato crazy - I grew about 130 varieties last year! There's nowhere else I'd rather be than where I am now, and it feels so rewarding to grow my own food, and to share that love with others.

During this health crisis when food can be even harder to come by for some people, I am going to be growing many extra tomato and pepper plants to give away to different organizations to be distributed to those in need. I also donated a lot of tomato seeds to a local seed bank to make them available to more people. And I will continue to share lots of information about why people should grow their own food and how to do so.”



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