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Darin Diggs of Imani Gardens

Our 133rd Real Farmer Care recipient is Darin Diggs of Imani Gardens @imani_gardens in Southern California.

Darin writes, “I created Imani Gardens to provide more life into the homes of people affected by food apartheid, with a focus on exotic fruits, heirloom vegetables, grains, herbs, and quality water. I teach POC how to create food forests through companion planting, mulching, and composting. My neighbors and I have created community gardens covering two blocks in Fullerton with expansions into LA.

The hardest challenge being a Black farmer in Southern California is being able to have all the resources to accomplish feeding the masses. Water rates are going up, good farming equipment is expensive, and certification and permits are costly - loans are difficult to obtain or I would have to create a nonprofit to bring in enough money to fund a full operation. Recently I started a GoFundMe that explains part of the plan to have a community owned property within the LA area or near cities that are heavily affected by food aparthied. I truly believe that POC can come together and raise money to invest in education of health and have heirloom quality food for generations to come. This is why we are raising money to create a food forest where the community can harvest their own fruits and vegetables. With this space, we will empower the community through education on herbal remedies, earth work skills, mental health, and physical health. We are looking for people who can contribute resources or time to help bring this mission to life. Please reach out with any questions!”

Follow @imani_gardens for more info and GoFundMe link in bio.


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