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Cristina Flores @flowersxflores of Three Part Harmony Farm

Our 47th @realfarmercare recipient - Cristina Flores @flowersxflores of Three Part Harmony Farm @3phfarm in Northeast Washington, DC.

She writes, “I have the privilege of digging into the land at Three Part Harmony Farm which is a two acre urban plot in DC that has been growing soil, greens and veggies since 2012. I began volunteering here in 2015 and eventually I left my job to farm alongside founder Gail Taylor - I haven’t looked back since. My focus is on growing cut flowers, and I have found that my passion is spreading joy with the blooms that I grow. Through farming, I feel that I’ve been reclaimed by my ancestry. I come from a lineage of farmers and elders with green thumbs but I never considered growing food for a living. My father was an agricultural worker and migrated to this country in the 70’s in search of more opportunities for his family. Since becoming an earthworker, our relationship has blossomed and both of my parents have been supportive of my descision, though initially I kept it from them because I didn’t know how I could justify being college educated and choosing this path. Being a part of Three Part Harmony Farm has led me to find and nurture community in a way that goes much deeper than the food we share. My self care idea is a massage - had it not been for the occasional massage I got last season as well as a couple of lacrosse balls taped together that I’d use to work out my muscles, I don’t know what I would have done!” #realfarmercare#flowersxflores#3phfarm#urbanfarming#blackownedbusiness#blackfarmers


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