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Cam Terry of Garden Variety Harvests

The 180th recipient is Cam Terry of Garden Variety Harvests @gvharvests in Roanoke, VA. Cam writes, “About 5 years ago, I decided I wanted to start farming because I was an increasingly obsessed vegetable gardener with friends and family who were routinely amazed at how fun and delicious eating meals sourced in my backyard could be. It’s a heart-warming privilege to be able to provide sustenance for your friends, family, and neighbors and my work as a market gardener has proved to be every bit as fulfilling as I could have hoped. I grow a diverse mix of veggies, fruits and flowers on leased and borrowed land in city neighborhoods, so Garden Variety Harvests truly has its roots nestled in the soil of the community we are feeding.

Every individual has their own capacity when it comes to workload, but it’s safe to say that food producers of all disciplines are routinely pushing the needle past the red-line at least seasonally. We all need support, and I’m fortunate enough to have friends and family who push me to make time for these essentials. Usually my personal farmer-care consists of a quick trip into the woods, sleeping in a tent or a hammock for a night, and dipping a fishing line into the water as I listen to the natural silence around me. As I write this I am just returning from such a jaunt this afternoon, and it’s amazing how just 20 hours in the woods can shift the lens on how I look at all the challenges that urban farming presents.”


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