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ameia of @flhfarm in Oakland, CA

The 229th recipient is ameia @ameiasmith of @flhfarm in Oakland, CA.

ameia writes, “I farm because it’s what I know. This work came to me with deep lessons of the importance of land as an anchor for community, and land tending as a practice of how we build sanctuary. Land tending teaches us reciprocity — that is, what it is to be with each other more presently, carefully, and lovingly — and shares whispers of what knowledge might emerge when we let ourselves be guided by rhythms that are not solely our own. Working with land asks how might we listen more deeply ~ to the seeds, the soil, the birds, the moon, the winds, and to each other.

I am oriented especially towards land memory and seed storytelling of Black freedom. land keeps our stories safe. It is a portal for time travel. This work has been opening for me an inquiry into what freedom might come from through connecting more deeply to time ~ what it means to be as gentle with and honoring of death as we are with life, and how to move gracefully and with reverence between worlds and rhythms, like clay.”


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