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Zedé Harut of Grand Risings Farm

Our 121st Real Farmer Care recipient is Zedé Harut of Grand Risings Farm @grandrisingsfarm in Northern Minnesota.

Zedé writes, “My name is Zedé, (pronounced Zah-day). I am a 21 year old mother, herbalist, community organizer and aspiring farmer. I was born and raised in the Twin Cities and am passionate about health, food, and liberation for my people. We are a new starting farm owned by a young, Black family here in Northern Minnesota. Our farm is called Grand Risings Farm and we are starting our first CSA program this summer. We decided to start farming because of the extreme food scarcity that is in low income communities and impoverished neighborhoods that are primarily of black people here in the Midwest and wanting to close that gap by growing organic and quality food. My family has been a part of fighting for food justice since I was a child, and I feel as if I am honoring not only my ancestors but my children as well by continuing to grow food that will sustain them in a healthy manner. Our main approach is to work with the land and not against it, so we introduce organic and permaculture techniques to preserve the land that we are on, and I feel it is important to acknowledge that we are residing on Ojibwe land. With .03% of Minnesota farmers being Black, we hope to shift that statistic and create more opportunities for our community to access education of growing your own food, land ownership, and reclaiming our roots back on the soil we worked to build and create.”

Support Zedé’s GoFundMe farm campaign on link in bio @grandrisingsfarm

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