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Veronica Mazariegos of Brisa de Año Ranch

Our 109th Real Farmer Care recipient is Veronica Mazariegos of Brisa de Año Ranch @brisaranch in Pescadero, CA.

Veronica writes, “Brisa de Año Ranch is an eight-acre diversified vegetable farm, nestled in borrowed land between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Pacific Ocean in Pescadero, CA. Together with my co-founders/farmers Cole and Cristóbal, we started Brisa so that we could responsibly steward land, grow healthy food that was meaningful to us and our communities, and collaboratively work towards making a living doing what we loved.

I became a farmer out of a deep admiration and respect for the knowledge farmers have of land and natural processes. Having worked with farmers in communities around the world, it was clear that farmers sustain communities, culture, and livelihoods. Farmers are innovators, engineers, craftspeople, and artists. Farmers are resilient. I wanted to contribute to the world in such a fundamental way, while rethinking the often exclusive and oppressive models, that fail to lift farmers—especially BIPOC farmers—currently dominating our agricultural system.

As a female-identifying Latinx farmer, I am not only looking to grow a farming model that centers soil and ecosystem building, inclusivity, justice, and food access, but also to connect with other farmers and partners that want to support and work together towards this vision. You can follow us @brisaranch. To support our work you can do so via venmo @ Vero-Mazariegos-Anastassiou”



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