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Vannah Roddy of Encompass Farm

Our 75th @realfarmercare recipient - Vannah Roddy of Encompass Farm @encompassfarm in Asheville, NC. Vannah writes, “My passion for farming was awakened out of a deep depression concerning environmental exploitation and climate change, around the age of 17. Farming became something I could do to remove myself from the industrial economy, and provide for myself, the land, and others. For the past 2 years, since turning 18, I have been traveling to different regions in the states, and more recently internationally, working on farms in a variety of climates to better understand strategies of growing food amidst climate change. Working on farms in the desert, high elevation, tropics, etc., has taught me so much about agro-ecological resiliency and growing food in an age of uncertainty. I am now applying these insights to my own project, Encompass Farm in Asheville, NC where I cultivate a 1/2 acre market garden, run a flower CSA, and sell at two farmers markets. Local economies are the backbone of resilient food systems. The security of consumer support right now is essential, especially as farmers work hard in the fields and online to keep channels open to accessing healthy and local food. Adapting to changing times within the already wild fluctuations of spring will bring our community closer, and build our powerful local food system into a resilient one.” . #realfarmercare #encompassfarm #marketgarden #youngfarmers #womenwhofarm #smallfarms #csafarms #communitycare


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