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Siri Lorece of Creative Arts Farm

Our 119th Real Farmer Care recipient is Siri Lorece @sirilorece of Creative Arts Farm @creativeartsfarm located in Van Nuys, CA.

Siri writes, “I started growing food as a means of self-care and to transition to a self-sufficient lifestyle. Prior to shifting my focus to urban farming and holistic wellness, I toured as a singer, musician, and educator internationally in 7 countries as well as throughout the US. I knew my journey wasn’t intended to be supported by singing on its own – moreover a corporate job (that’s just not my jam), but I didn’t gain clarity until I sat in meditation contemplating my natural talents and learned skills with the consideration of basic human needs at the forefront. On the other side of that stillness and many years of learning – the Creative Arts Farm initiative was born. The farm is a front yard urban family farm, cultivating sustainability & self-care awareness through urban farming & gardening, yoga, and music. I spend my time as an Educator, Podcast Host, Urban Farmer, Sustainability & Self-care Advocate, Yoga Teacher, Wife and Mom. My talents, skills, and the education offered throughout my journey has all led me to Urban Farming – which I believe is the hub of community wellness. Land and financial access and being taken seriously is the biggest challenge I face as I continue cultivating our urban family farm. Though there is an abundance of land available in LA County, the price tags and land usability are often outside of the reach of those who are willing, ready, and able to provide community wellness. These days hobby farmers are a dime a dozen, and the higher the social media following and whitewashed the presentation of growing food and caring for others - the more availability to financial and land access there seems to be. We would love support as we work towards acquiring our own parcel of land to expand our urban family farm to continue offering wellness to BIPOC urban communities of which are all too often overlooked and underserved.” Venmo: @ sirilorece ; Paypal: #creativeartsfarm #urbanfarming #blackfarmersmatter #blacklivesmatter #bipocfarmers #realfarmercare


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