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Shannon Palmer of One Love Garden

Our 97th Real Farmer Care recipient is Shannon Palmer of One Love Garden in Maple City, Michigan.

Shannon writes, “Returning back to a simple and mindful way of living, centering the ecosystem we're all interdependent with, has made my life more fulfilling. I left my home in search of learning how to grow the most nourishing food nature could provide and ended up turning to regenerative farming. At One Love Garden we prioritize living soil, using no-till practices and interplanting to keep the ground covered in green and the microorganisms thriving.

When I look out into the garden, and all the food we've grown, I feel a sense of liberation. The essence of who I am is reflected back to me when I am immersed in the garden tending to the land with honor and respect for life. I want to share that with my community, and the fruits of this labor of love with people who don't have access to nutrient-dense organic food. This shouldn't be a thing of luxury but affordable and accessible to all.”

Follow Shannon’s work, donate via her GoFundMe or her Venmo @ onelovegarden, and listen to Shannon today, and every day.



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