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Scarlett Salamone of Loveland Acres Farm

Our 92nd Real Farmer Care recipient is Scarlett Salamone of Loveland Acres Farm @lovelandacresfarm in Elkhorn, WI.

She writes, “I’m Scarlett. A child of God, wife, mama, sister, auntie, friend, empath, dreamer, lupus warrior, gastroparesis fighter, chronically ill former inner city teacher gone calf loving, goat toting, chicken chasing, duck herding, sheep shearing farmer. I believe people need a spot to head where the air is fresh, the noise is from nature, and joy can prevail for the moment. I believe people need to experience goat kids and cow kisses. I believe there are underserved populations of children that could benefit highly from locally grown food along with hands on learning at the farm. I believe there are stories to share, lessons to be learned, and love to be spread. This is why Loveland Acres Farm exists. I grew up on farms at the heels of my dad and uncles, hoping there would be a runt or weakling I could take home to raise. As a biracial child my peace was in the barn. I learned young the world around me didn’t perceive me as mixed, I was black. I wanted to pursue farming, specifically dairy, but I wasn’t supported. I will never regret how my path has gone. Teaching set my heart on fire for underserved kids and tuned me in to all the needs, opportunities, and access to nutrient dense food they are lacking. Chronic illness opened the door to farming for me and gaining knowledge on livestock, herbs, regeneration, self-sufficiency, preservation, and more. Combining the two is the only logical step and that is my mission: to build up a working farm program where earnings from pastured eggs, meats, milk soaps & lotions are invested back into food sovereignty and getting children, particularly those from underserved populations and more specifically Milwaukee, here for peace from trauma and empowerment while gaining skills on how to care for themselves and the natural world.”


Follow Scarlett @lovelandacresfarm, support her work and donate via Venmo @ Scarlett-Salamone or Paypal, and listen to Scarlett’s voice today, and every day.



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