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Roslyn Weiss and Weston Marlatt of Old Gem Farm

Our 60th @realfarmercare recipient - Roslyn Weiss and Weston Marlatt of Old Gem Farm @oldgemfarm in Las Trampas, New Mexico.

She writes, “My partner and I are embarking on our 3rd season living out our shared dream as land and seed stewards at Old Gem Farm, a regenerative farmstead and retreat located in the historic farming village of Las Trampas at 7,500 feet in elevation on the scenic “High Road to Taos.” Our focus, in addition to nurturing soil health and biodiversity, is on growing and saving seed from staple crops that are adapted to our arid mountain climate. We are dedicated to building resilient seedstock for future food in our bioregion. We love connecting with our community through farmer’s markets as well as farm dinners, workshops, and intimate earth based gatherings hosted at the farm. Thank you @realfarmercare for centering self-care for farmers - our bodies tend to fall to the bottom of the list when the farm gets busy, which is much of the time! I will gratefully put these self-care funds towards getting some much needed bodywork.” . #realfarmercare #oldgemfarm #seedsaving #regenerativefarming #highaltitudefarming #selfcare


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