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Rhyston Mays of Phillies Bridge Farm Project

Our 95th Real Farmer Care recipient is Rhyston Mays @figuredrawn of Phillies Bridge Farm Project @philliesbridgefarmproject in New Paltz, NY.

Rhyston writes, “When I was a high school student and dealing with one of many bouts of depression, I decided to pot up a few basil and marigold seeds hoping that I would develop a new coping skill. The seeds sprouted, and I learned by watching them grow that I could generate life and share it's sweet smells and sights with others. The life that took shape from those seeds reflected back onto me an understanding of what it means to live, to have a future in sight, and to grow. I carry this memory with me as I return to the farm each season, hoping to cultivate life from the Earth and from all our relations to one another. I see my work as aligned with that of many other Black earth workers who are creating spaces for us to thrive amidst the fabric of systemic racism that has led to this particular moment in history. Times are trying and I've been looking inward to find solace. I'm so grateful to be a descendant of such a resilient people. I'm energized by my beloved friends and fellow Black earth workers who remind me of the beauty that is to emerge as we unravel into the future (thanks @aladins_wonderland_ and @melanatedrainbows for holding me down!) Right now, you can find me growing vegetables for a CSA, cultivating shiitakes (inspired by @olive_watkins and trained by @high_falls_farm), and collaborating on local food justice initiatives at @philliesbridgefarmproject in New Paltz, NY.”


Follow Rhyston @figuredrawn , donate and support his work via Venmo @ Rhyston-Mays, and listen to Rhyston today and every day.



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