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Rhiannon & Corey Weidmann of Vienna Gardens

Our 57th @realfarmercare recipient - Rhiannon & Corey Weidmann of Vienna Gardens @viennagardenspnw in Silver Creek, WA.

Rhiannon writes, “Vienna Gardens is a small, sustainable farm focusing on soil health and regenerative practices growing a variety of vegetables, cut flowers, and fruits, plus 49 laying hens that we raise on pasture. We are a two person, full time farm currently growing on 3/4 acre using minimal till and permaculture methods and making as much on-farm amendments as possible, progressively closing the loop. Coming from Northern Virginia and after relocating to the PNW four years ago, we are adapting to the cooler and wetter weather that effects the growing conditions. Our farm has been quite a journey so far, and we’ve built all our beds and growing space from scratch. We do everything by hand including seed starting, transplanting, and cultivating, providing food for our local community through farmers markets, selling to local restaurants, and our growing CSA. We believe in being as sustainable as possible and we are conscious of our farm’s footprint on the earth. We love what we do and getting to connect with our neighbors makes our hearts full - we both are truly grateful we get to wake up and do what we love every single day.” . #realfarmercare #viennagardenspnw #smallfarms #notill #csafarms #permaculture #regenerativefarming #organicfarming #womenwhofarm #selfcare


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