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Reverend Leonina Arismendi of Apoteca Micro Farms

Our 122nd Real Farmer Care recipient Reverend Leonina Arismendi (they/them) of Apoteca Micro Farms @revolutionarygirlyanina in Richmond, Virginia.

Leonina writes, “During the past four years I been working on preparing and defending my community against ICE. I’ve established two sanctuaries, liberated a dozen folks from ICE detention, set up networks of mutual aid, advised on immigration policy on a National level, and lobbied for immigrant rights (as well as legalization, taking down monuments to the confederacy, Green New Deal and Trans rights) in my state of Virginia.

Before that, I used to be an art curator and owner of an art gallery in Fredericksburg where we planted free food gardens across the city and taught decolonization and herbalism.

2021 finds me moving to the country, finally giving my family much needed healing. Our focus at Apoteca Micro Farms is to work with the land in accordance to Indigenous knowledge to grow beautiful flowers and herbs for food and healing. We will also work as a satellite farmette for Virginia Free Farm @virginiafreefarm (a former Real Farmer Care recipient). Our vision is bread & roses for our people.”

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