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Rahul Anand of Snapfinger Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Rahul Anand of Snapfinger Farm @snapfingerfarm in Stockbridge, Georgia.

Rahul writes, “My name is Rahul Anand and we are going into our 4th year of production at Snapfinger Farm. It has been a wonderful journey taking a defunct horse farm and making it a place that grows food for CSA members, chefs, markets, and wholesale. I love the unique creativity that working with the land and weather requires and it makes all the work worth it. As a first generation American, I’ve had some hurdles on both sides. On the one hand, I didn’t have a family farm or farming experience to lean on from my family and I had to figure out and navigate a lot of farming on my own. I also grew up in a multicultural community and started my farming career in rural Georgia, which definitely took some social adjustment for me. And on the other side, it took a while to make my family understand the choice I wanted to make by going into agriculture. They came here for better opportunities and farming did not feel like a step in the right direction to them at first, though they are very supportive now. With the support of my family and all of our customers, we have really grown over the past year and I’m excited for another year of new faces coming to learn and work on the farm and new customers to provide high quality and delicious food.” #realfarmercare#snapfingerfarm


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