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Oscar Chavez of Microledon Farm

Our 37th @realfarmercare recipient - Oscar Chavez of Microledon Farm @microledon_farm in Conway, SC.

Oscar writes, “Microledon Farm is a new organically grown market garden farm located just outside of Myrtle Beach in Conway, SC. Our farm strives to be as sustainable and ecologically focused as possible. Growing currently on small acreage, we mainly specialize and focus on lettuce, other leafy greens, microgreens and edible flowers. Our mission is to bring our community the finest and freshest regenerative food to help heal them from the inside out. With our days super busy with getting the new farm site established, moving onto the property and running after a two year old, there has not been much time or energy for my wife and I to just enjoy a nice night and meal out. Thank you @farmerclara and @realfarmercare for taking the time to care and appreciate the dedication and effort that we put into feeding our community day in and day out. Many blessings.” #realfarmercare#microledonfarm


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