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Norysell Massanet of La Botica de la Tierra

The 218th recipient is Norysell Massanet of La Botica de la Tierra (Earth’s Pharmacy) @laboticadelatierra in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

Norysell writes, “I was initially drawn to farming by the urgent need of having access to nourishing food. (Colonial dynamics in Puerto Rico tells you that +85% of our food comes from US big ag) Little did I know then that what started as a way to provide fresh food would lead me through a long path towards liberation that took me from a small plot in the city to a forest in the south west of the main island where I currently work establishing an agroforestry systems model, committed to studying and teaching life from an agroecological perspective.

Self care for me, as a neurodivergent person, is having the space of solitude required to thrive to be able to show up in support and reciprocity to my immediate and extended diverse community.”


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