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Mey Dolce-Bun of Sunny Meadows Flower Farm

The 140th Real Farmer Care recipient is Mey Dolce-Bun of Sunny Meadows Flower Farm @sunnymeadowsflowerfarm in Columbus, Ohio.

Mey writes, “I’m a Cambodian-American immigrant and refugee and I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I now live in Columbus, Ohio with my wife and 3 year old, Keo. I’ve been farming for the past 8 years- veggies, livestock, and now flowers. I got into farming after a 10 year career in the fashion industry in NYC and abroad. I was craving a job that had more purpose and meaning and I started an apprenticeship on a small farm in Maryland. During my time there, I learned the foundations of vegetable farming and grew food for the local community through a CSA and farmers markets. I was hooked on connecting with people through good food and spending every day with my hands in the dirt.The best thing about my current position on a flower farm is that I’m given the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with the farm owners and my crew. I feel like my voice is heard and my ideas are valued- something I hadn’t found on other farms where there was often a disconnect between the owners and the farmers.”


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