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Meg Paska of Biscuitwood Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient is Meg Paska @farmermeg of Biscuitwood Farm in NY.

She writes, “Biscuitwood Farm is the third iteration of an agricultural pursuit embarked on by myself and Neil Despres in Schoharie County, NY. After CSA farming for 6 years on leased land in New Jersey, we sought out the stability of land-ownership and have since been raising dairy goats, growing flowers and pastured eggs for CSA, vegetables for our own pantry and are using our experiences to teach workshops and help local small farms to enhance and improve their farming through cooperation within the community. Our goals as farmers are less dependent upon market success as they are on using agricultural and rural life as a framework for how to best be human in a seemingly more volatile world.” #realfarmercare #welovefarmers


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