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Mayra Perez of Maritza Farms

The 217th recipient is Mayra Perez of Maritza Farms in Salina, California.

Mayra writes, “I started my career in agriculture because my parents were farmers. I grew up around agriculture and have a lot of passion for my job. My parents inspired me to have my own farm and start my business. They never had their own ranch so it has always been my dream to own my own ranch.

For me and my community, agriculture is meant by seeing the way people react to our products and the happiness it gives them. I feel very satisfied with my work and I love going to take care of my plants and crops. My husband and children help me a lot and it fills me with happiness to be able to share my passion with them.

Community care is important because it's good to connect with other people. Mental health is important because we need to be happy with ourselves in order to share that happiness with others.”


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