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Mark & Kristin Kimball and crew at Essex Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Mark & Kristin Kimball @kristinxkimball and crew at Essex Farm @essexfarmcsa in Essex, NY.

Mark @farmerkimball writes, “Essex Farm was and is the bravest expression of human and agricultural synergy we could come up with. Kristin Kimball and I have been thrilled and aghast at what we have created and it is never dull, as Lars Kulleseid the original property owner would say. The farm has given me such concrete evidence that we are at the very beginning of understanding what regenerative even means and we have miles to go. That excitement wakes me up in the morning but also brings me to tears when we fall short of our goals. Right now, supported by one of the most caring teams we have ever had, I am in love with my work and my people and so excited for 2020. And against all odds, the consistent feedback we get is that food from this highly diversified 1500 acres of experimental agriculture is the most nourishing that most people have ever had.” #realfarmercare #essexfarm #welovefarmers


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