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Mara Bello of Bello Family Farm

Our 72nd @realfarmercare recipient - Mara Bello of Bello Family Farm @bellofamilyfarm in Homestead, FL.

Mara writes, “I am the owner of the Bello Family Farm located in Redlands, an agricultural section of Homestead. My dream was to be able to provide people in my community with produce grown without the use of pesticides at an affordable price. My husband and I worked hard to find a piece of land which would work for us as we still have full time jobs, and last year in March our dream came true. We grow produce hydroponically - in systems which we build ourselves - and we grow microgreens and raise chickens. We deliver our produce for a small fee and can be found at different farmers markets in Miami. Farming grounds me. Each plant I grow is a gift from Mother Nature. I learned to be present in each moment and celebrate our successes as much as our failures, as each moment is a learning experience. As I am a mom of two amazing kids, a science teacher, a farmer and a wife, I feel I belong to the club of team ‘no sleep,’ and all of the money we make has gone into expanding our farm and building more hydroponic systems. One day soon hopefully, I will treat myself to a massage.” .


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