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Lacie and Mike Dickson of Big Pond Farm

Our 43rd @realfarmercare recipient - Lacie and Mike Dickson of Big Pond Farm @bigpondfarm in Concord, NC.

Lacie writes, “Six years ago, Mike @the_fit_farmer_ and I @yurt.momma sold our house in town and moved onto 10 acres of family land. We tore down a uninhabitable house and set up a 30ft yurt, where we live with our three children. We wanted to know where our food came from and we were ready to work to provide nutrient dense food for our family and our community. Big Pond Farm was born on three acres and we have been so inspired by great growers like Eliot Coleman, Curtis Stone, Ray Tyler, and many more. Our journey hasn't been easy as journeys worth taking rarely are, but we wouldn't want to live a different kind of life. Our self-care activity is going out to eat at one of the restaurants that sells our goods and locally sources their ingredients from farms like ours. The day to day tasks of the farm can sometimes be draining but I think when you see what you have grown on a plate at a restaurant, it melts a lot of the sore muscles and long days away.” #realfarmercare #bigpondfarm #thefitfarmer


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