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Katrina Harvey of Soul Botanical Farms

Our 134th Real Farmer Care recipient is Katrina Harvey of Soul Botanical Farms @soulgardener74 in Florida.

Katrina writes, “Hello, I am gardening through this pandemic and what's going on in this country because I told myself that no matter what happens I am just going to garden harder. I began gardening after I lost my father 5 years ago and then I lost my only sibling, my sister, a year after that. For me gardening was a way for me to heal in a time when I didn't know how to. No matter what I tried to do I became more and more depressed and angry. Once I started gardening, I became happier and more loving towards others. I also learned things about myself and the world through gardening. Gardening helps me to understand that diversity is needed not only in gardening but in this world. I tried to garden in a way where I kept things that were alike together and the more I did that the more I dealt with pests and issues in the garden. I told myself that I was going to work on adding diversity to my garden where flowers grow with my vegetables. I purchased a 1/4 acre of land where I can create a pollinator garden space on my land. I will also be using regenerative farming practices to help build up the soil that had been eroded on this land. This is only the beginning of my journey. I am using the regenerative farming method as a start on a small piece of land so that I can learn and build a system so that one day I can buy more acres of land to implement the system that I create on.”

Support Katrina’s vision at her GoFundMe (link in her bio @soulgardener74)


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